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My Approach

At Live Fearless Mentoring, I believe that self-development is a journey, not a destination. I work closely with clients to identify their unique strengths and teach them new skills. By developing a customized plan that is tailored to each client, I help them unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. With guidance and support, my clients gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed and thrive in the career of their choice.

Case Study:  UnderGraduate Student

Public Affairs Major

The Situation: Throughout high school, this student struggled with her mental health. The combination of COVID-19 and a bad teacher had tanked her grades junior year.

The Solution: I met with her once a week to work on essays, particularly focusing on perfecting an essay for the Additional Information section that explained her grades. We also hand-picked schools with great public affairs programs that would focus more on her outstanding extracurricular activities.

The Result: My client got accepted to multiple schools but chose to attend George Washington University.

Case Study:
PH.D. Thesis


Natural Language Generation

The Situation: Having worked with this doctoral candidate to proofread multiple papers prior to publication, he contacted me to help him prepare and revise his Ph.D. thesis.

The Solution: Being familiar with his work, I was able to help him construct a thesis that effectively showcased all his hard work, demonstrated the thought processes behind his theories, and incorporated his advisor's comments.

The Result: My client completed his thesis on time and successfully passed his oral defense.

Case Study:
Career Advancement


The Situation: This highly intelligent lady was working in a call center but wanted to be promoted to a saleswoman. However, she was told that her English wasn't good enough.

The Solution: I met with her twice a month to work on her written and oral communication. We focused on emails and presentations since these were at the core of the job she was looking to get.

The Result: Six months later, she aced her interviews, which included a sales pitch, and got the promotion she wanted!

Case Study: International Undergraduate Student

Engineering Major

The Situation: Besides the usual difficulties with writing essays, this student was neurodivergent. Because of his difficulty focusing, he needed additional assistance to ensure the details of this application were in order.

The Solution: I met with the student twice a week. We worked on essays, but he would also share his screen with me and we would go through each page of the various application portals to ensure that the details were all correct.

The Result: My client got accepted to multiple schools but chose to go to California and attend UC Riverside.

Case Study: International Graduate Student

Masters of Education Management

The Situation: This Japanese man was a teacher, dedicated to his craft. He'd already transformed his district's policies to make them more open to transfer students but wanted to learn how to train teachers better. However, he struggled to write a personal statement for his graduate application that connected his experiences to his visionary plans as a future principal.

The Solution: We spent several calls discussing his ideas, which I used to help him rewrite his personal statement and resume.

The Result: My client got accepted to multiple UK schools but chose to attend Imperial College London.

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