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Professional mentoring

If you want more confidence in your professional career, from creating compelling presentations to writing professional emails, working on your English, or building a LinkedIn profile, then this is for you.




We'll meet once a month, either working on areas you've deemed relevant or working through material I've selected based on talking to you.



I generally recommend this package to most professionals. It's frequent enough that you can practice skills on your own time, but can also see your progress!



If you have a specfic deadline in mind or feel that you need more frequent help, I also offer weekly sessions.

Buy InDividual Sessions

1 Session


This is a great choice if you're preparing for an interview or want help with an ultra-important presentation.

5 Sessions


If you have a specific project you want to work on, then this a great way to knock it out of the park!

10 Sessions


If you don't have a regular schedule but know that you'll want conversations throughout the year, you can buy a package!

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